Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Bye Cliff, but thanks for reading me as long as you did. I know I stretched you as you did me, to see beyond the rhetoric.

I don't know what else to write, I'm sad that so little understanding exists between people sometimes.

I tempted fate by using the term "racism" when maybe what I should have said was "classism". I thought about revising that comment and decided against it; the result is that I pissed off and alienated a reader. Now I feel regret about writing what I did, although the comments about people who stayed in New Orleans when they were told to get out infuriated me, simply because not everyone has a car--or a friend with a car--or even a place to go if they could find transport out.

So I'm caught in the middle of wanting to lambast anyone who could possibly support a man who has failed his nation so utterly, and the knowledge that lashing out almost always has negative results. I feel very humble this morning, reading my blog and my comments and trying to sort out all these feelings.

Bye Cliff, and if you ever come back, you can read my apology here: I did not intend to piss you off and I'm sorry for that.


At 9/6/05, 2:35 PM, Blogger kath said...

I believe that most of this mess has been caused by incompetence..

I think the mayor and the governor were in over their heads with this one..
FEMA and Homeland Security.. Don't get me started.

Bush and his vacation and his jaunts? If I said what i was thinking I would probably be hauled off by some men in black

racism? yes.. I do believe that there were incidents of it... it still exists , and we cannot deny it..
classism.. certainly.. but

overall.. it was simple incompetence and stupidity.. egoism, and refusal to take responsibility are high on my list as well..

then i hear that the Bushfool is going to head the frikken committee to investigate?

If i didn't feel so sad I would laugh.. instead, i might just vomit..

( sorry for the rant.. timing is everything )

hang in there ((you))

At 9/6/05, 10:53 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

I find that a real shame. My political views...economic views or religous views may not be the same as my friends, however i do enjoy reading and listening their and others opinions.....how do we learn and grow as people, right? I still class them as my friend even though we disagree on an issue.

On another note, i did read today that Bush's popularity is less than Nixon's during Watergate! I wonder if that is true?

At 9/6/05, 10:53 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Ps....not long to go!


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