Monday, June 20, 2005

the breeze

Hey all, and thanks for putting up with my pity-party of a post yesterday. Mr. Goodman hit it right on the head when he said, "'s how you feel about yourself."

So, extrapolating from that comment a bit, one might suppose that were I more inclined to love myself (regardless if Mr. Crush acquiesed), I'd be less inclined to write silly posts about small women. Lesson learned--and anyway, if he really likes 'em little, we'd just never get along!

It was also very superficial of ME to more or less assume that he is with her just because of her size anyway. I know that now, and I probably knew that then, but had those "poor me" blinders on.

Onward and upward....

I'm *really* going to Ms. Magz' today, to visit with her and Ally and rehash old stories, like the time all 3 of us drove from LA to Maggiez Farm in a spankin' new, come-fuck-me red convertible Mustang, stopping in Laughlin for a little gaming and such. Now that was a pretty wild trip, what I remember of it at least....these 2 sister-gals could make an anteater party down. They are that much fun.

breezin' on outta here.....

ciao for now!


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