Tuesday, June 17, 2014

i don't expect readers....

....especially since it's been over a year since my last entry! but here i am nevertheless.  summer days bring me to writing, as a way to be indoors and creative.

(actually it hasn't even busted 100 degrees yet today, and that's a welcome respite of sorts. clouds mounting, wind building--but right now it's a hot, desiccating wind that i am only too happy to shut my door to.)

the boy-child Bastian is 15 months old, walking, beaming, and provides me hours of deep happiness every week.  we are really connected, or perhaps he is just that old soul who remembers everyone he encounters.  at any rate, i am super satisfied with NanaHood!

other large news in my life: i lost my Angus, my dear soulmate Queensland heeler Angus, to a car on Labor Day 2013.  i still cry tears of regret and longing over that little guy.  i'm not maudlin about it, but it was a huge and violent loss.  thankfully there was no blood, and he died in my arms as he was born into them 8 years earlier.  i miss him lots.  Pearl is here still, and in her patient and sweet way she helps ease my loss, and Sam the cat comforts me as well, with gently placed paw pats on my cheeks at night.

in the wake of this loss, my appetite evaporated and i also made some diet changes.  i lost 40 pounds in 6 months.  i now weigh less than i weighed in college!  so that is still a fun new thing, to have this size 6 body after a lifetime of 12's and 14's (and much higher as well, but 12-14 was just my size forever).  ;)

ok just checking in and of course i will post a pic of the gorgeous grandson!


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