Saturday, November 17, 2012

solitary and happy

guess i have come to grips with the current phase of singleton living.  i am creating great healthy food, juicing raw veggies and fruits several times a week, and am fine with the day to day routine of work and home.

soon it will be time to get back to the gym.

i'm happy to have a good housemate who is usually pretty quiet.  we are both attending a class called The Way of Mastery that is an outgrowth of The Course In Miracles.  it feels just right and we go once a week to listen.

between work and lots of cooking, my animals keep me entertained and all loved up.  every night i'm bound on all sides by furry sleepers.  one dog on each side and the cat at my neck.  i often wake up in exactly the same position i went to sleep in--not the best for my back, but great for my heart!

i know there are only a couple of readers out there these days, but wanted to put the word out that i am all right, quietly entering the dark of the year.


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