Wednesday, July 04, 2012

just chillin on the 4th

a blissfully calm cover and some sun and then a nice groshing downpour!

sweetie and i are navigating the river of togetherness again....i think both of us are/were worn down from the constant noise and demand of the other 2 beings here....sweetie has been napping daily and going to bed early and it's had a wonderful effect on his mood.

i know he misses them. i know i don't....we've had folks in the RV on and off since last September, and pretty much full-time on since about Christmas? hard to remember.

i'm happy to have been able to extend the space to those who needed it....happy that it has worked well for all involved....and happy to be alone (free to be naked indoors again!) with the little pod here.

dog behavior is better too....Angus was a whining mess with everyone scolding him constantly for whining. it was irritating, so i'd just invite him into the bedroom with me and close the door on the others....which seems divisive and impolite but i just got sick of everyone giving him such a hard time! felt like we were not wanted....which sux in your own home!

sweetie can get in the car and drive an hour and a half to visit whenever he wants.

so i am feeling especially lucky, blessed and grateful on this Independence Day!


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