Sunday, August 10, 2008


just attended a 4-day QiGong (say: chi-Gung) seminar. the guy leading it is young, charismatic, committed to his goals, and very inspiring!

(not to mention he has a really cute fanny--lol)

his name is Jeff Primack, his site is, and his organization is called Supreme Science Qigong Foundation. if you are in the San Diego area, the last tour of 2008 is happening later this month. it is incredibly affordable at $70 for all 4 days. nurses, MTs and PTs can all get 32 hours of CEUs as well. i highly recommend it!

i'm really glad i went, and have made a vow to do the first form daily for 30 days. i feel great and my knee did very well and is getting stronger every day!

hope all are well, sorry i've been such a lackluster blogger this summer.


At 8/11/08, 6:15 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

Apologies, aschmologies. Me want more. Now.

Seriously, I do love to read your posts. A lot of times I can "get" something quite profound from something simply written, and I really appreciate it, Taz. Hope all's swell in the great SW.


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