Sunday, March 16, 2008

where did March go?

hey there!

march is halfway gone and i've not blogged ONCE?

OK, here's the recap: i am walking the Reid Park loop about 3 times a week--it's 3 miles total. my goal is 4 times a week. when i get the frequency solid, i will start working on speeding up!

my friend J. has come a couple of times and that is good fun. my SparkPeople friend M. and i meet on Sunday mornings to walk together, that is good too! (she is a neat person and i love hearing about her life's adventures!)

i got a NEW pair of shoes, Saucony TR5's, for *14.99* at Shoe Pavilion. talk about a great high--new shoes are wonderful any time, but new shoes that are also a huge ganga is a double whammy of happiness! plus, they feel great and i am noticing how much easier it is to walk with appropriate footwear. i had been wearing some court shoes that i used to wear to the gym--they are good for that, but not made for walking long distances. thanks to my chiropractor for bringing that detail to my attention!

i am still walking the dogs almost daily as well. no, i haven't lost any more weight, but i feel firmer and bouncier, and it is great to wake up and actually look forward to my morning walks.

last week i took Angus with me. he did great on the leash. now that my knees have settled down, i'm planning on taking him more often. it's great exercise for him too!


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