Thursday, January 10, 2008

sunny day

here we are into double digits in the first month of the new year already! i personally am glad to get back to a more "normal" schedule and menu. i have stashed 5 boxes of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joes in the deep freeze, and am going to ignore them until June, when i will dig them out and sell them on eBay for mucho dinero!

in case you don't know, these are the BEST cookies EVER to be mass-produced and sold in a store. think oreo, but with intensely minty bits (actual crushed candy canes) in the creamy filling. they are soooooo wonderful, but i'm truly burned out on them. i sent many packages through the mail this year, to share the wonder with my less-fortunate siblings who don't live near any Trader Joe's, much less three of them.

and that Joe is a smart guy. he knows that the best way to drive demand is to limit supply, so these cookies are only available during a few weeks in late autumn. until this summer, that is, when i'll make my eBay debut selling cookies. hmmmm, maybe i should pick up a few more boxes while i can. this could be really big!


the sun is out, and Tucson is enjoying temps in the low 60's lately--but don't forget, we head into the 30's at night. when the sun goes down, you'd better have your woolies handy, even if you've been sunbathing nude in the heat of the day. (every sunday at the Sweat, i'm singing my new song, "Sunbathing Nude In January," bound to be a hit!)

25- and 30-degree (per day) temperature swings are par for our winter months. but more than the warmth, i would miss the ever-present light if i were to move elsewhere. my cultural thermostat is set to be comfortable in the mid-40's (i'm scots on my dad's side and german on my mom's), so the heat really takes a toll on me in the summer. but the big sky and bright sun is worth it, or has been for the last 20 years at least.


i'm 'bout out, nothing too interesting happening in my life, but i got tired of reading my HNY entry. hope all y'all are enjoying the latent beauty of this still season.


At 1/11/08, 3:45 AM, Blogger alan said...

I'll be coming back to read it no matter how far down it goes...just to remind myself!

Glad you are enjoying the season; sounds like you have plans to enjoy it again midsummer, that's pretty cool!




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