Tuesday, June 20, 2006

no computer for a week!

gosh, time flies whether you're having fun or not....

2 days before chris left, my computer began acting very oddly and finally gave me many repeated "blue screens of death," after which it wouldn't boot up. since i had the use of chris' laptop it wasn't a big issue, but (oh hindsight) i wish now that i'd taken it to my computer m.d. right away instead of waiting.

i finally took it to paul the evening of chris' departure and he said he'd try to have it ready for me sunday, as i host the sweat on sunday mornings and he lives adjacent to the sweat property.

i saw him sunday morning--having been computerless for 5 days--and said, "so paul, how's my computer?" and received a one-word answer: "BAD."

never the best word to hear when your computer or your car or your health is concerned!

long story short, he still has the thing, is hoping to be able to recover the info on both discs, but as of now it's all gone, or at least unreachable. fingers crossed out there!


yesterday after taking the dogs to the river and coming back home again, i was getting ready to go to paul's to pick up this loaner computer he had for me, and the car was d-e-d DEAD, no turning over, no clicks, NOTHING. i called my neighbor for a jump, but her cables weren't long enough, so i called my mechanic (i was already very fond of my shop, but now i LOVE them), who was kind enough to send a tow truck and not charge me for it.

the guy i talked to told me he couldn't really diagnose it over the phone, and they were pretty busy for the week with some big jobs, so he'd try to work it in over the next day or two.

several hours later he called and it turns out it was just a very old, very dead battery, and even though they were swamped, they found the time to test the alternator and starter as well. so, even though it was an unscheduled day off, i had a lot to be thankful for--most especially that it broke down after i got home instead of half an hour earlier, miles from home, and with 2 dogs along!

chris is back in st. paul and i am missing him so much. it was a great visit albeit too short. and, the stock tank was too hot to get into last night! it felt like bath water! so no dipping for the time being. staying inside is the clue to survival. i feel for the street people at this time of year....


At 6/20/06, 7:32 PM, Anonymous veronica said...

Agreeing with you the computer will be fixed. And celebrating the car was minor.

A long hike with the dogs is very good medicine for me. We will take you to Grass Mountain when you guys visit. It's a stretch but majestic. xoox


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