Friday, June 02, 2006

it's hovering around 100 degrees here at 15 past the noon hour. streaky cloud cover means at least we are free of the relentless glare of the desert sun. not much wind to speak of, but even when it's here, it blows dry and hot and gritty.

i'm reduced to running the cooler all day and staying indoors an awful lot. the dogs are confused, but since angus' toe has finally healed, we manage to get out walking at 6:30 or so most mornings.

summer has officially begun; i heard the first cicada about 3 days ago. the fierce intense sound of them signals the arrival of serious heat. to me they are the quinessential summer harbinger, even more so than crickets which i have yet to hear during the night.

last night i don't think it got below 80.

my sweetheart will be here in less than a week. i'm so excited! and teary-eyed too, just thinking about it.

my missing him is something i simply put away in a box somewhere and close the lid. it is pointless to feel it as i am powerless to change it, is my rationale. yet as he draws closer i take the lid off an inch or so, to see if my missing him is still in there. it is, powerfully so.

sweet reunion, coming up!


At 6/2/06, 2:57 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

You'd best stave off thinking about Chris' impending arrival lest you overheat, sweetie. Sounds like that'd be easy enough to do with just good ol' Mother Nature.

At 6/3/06, 10:01 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

Hot :)

At 6/3/06, 4:58 PM, Blogger kath said...

you should be excited about love.. and being in it!

At 6/3/06, 7:30 PM, Anonymous veronica said...

It was 97 here today which is unseasonably warm. We worked on the grounds and played 18 holes. The kids are here from sfe and keep reminding us it is much cooler there. At least here it does cool off at night. I pulse with the warm temps, a native seed.

Will be a steamy week in AZ when Chris arrives. Love the love story.

At 6/3/06, 9:48 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

I am freezing down under!

At 6/4/06, 7:04 AM, Blogger nancy =) said...

glad your honey is almost there =)

it's been pretty steamy her in nj as well but nothing like az...i feel sorry for the doggies this time of year...



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