Wednesday, May 31, 2006

office work is nuts!

i spent the last 2 days working for my chiropractor, whose regular receptionist had out-of-town company. it is amazing to spend 8 hours in one place; the first day i only had one pee break, yet didn't really notice the hours passing as the phones were going crazy with people who wanted to come in as soon as possible.

this usually happens after a long weekend--the people who thought they'd be all right over the weekend find out that they weren't, and naturally they want relief. so it was very hectic yesterday. It was not nearly as much so today, but still, i will be relieved to go back to single-tasking in a room with one other person vs. being at the beck and call of the telephone, the doctor, and the many people coming in and out of the office.

i love my chiropractor and actually was his first receptionist when he opened his own practice nearly 20 years ago. i was fresh out of massage school and didn't have any real direction; he was in need of a person to answer the phone and schedule appointments and help set up his office. when the insurance companies and all the red tape got to be too confusing (which occurred approximately immediately), i realized that i didn't want to become any better at that job! he found his perfect assistant soon after, but i'm usually his preference if she is out of the office for any reason.

so i get to do this about twice a year for a day or two. it always serves as a timely reminder that i am lucky to love what i do as much as i do, and lucky to find employment and earn a living, doing something i love. it is quite a blessing!


At 6/1/06, 3:00 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

My chiropractor keeps refusing to move in with me! I dunno why, i love her to bits and she'd need no other patients at all if she lived with me, my back and neck are so fu***!!

At 6/1/06, 12:16 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

To love what you do and do what you love IS a precious thing. I dare say I'm jealous. It's tiring to be a butt monkey... I need to break away from this.

At 6/1/06, 6:17 PM, Blogger annie said...

i hear ya...
i am an administrative assistant and receptionist.
granted, i get to live in paradise, but it still gets old some days.

At 6/3/06, 4:25 AM, Blogger kath said...

i worked as front desk or receptionist for over thirty years for different medical facilities.. including the vet practice... ( my fave)

i hated it eventually.. working for most doctors is like working for arrogant demons..

i will not go back to it..
( don't think I could anyway.. most places want sweet young things in front.. not someone with experience that would want more pay and looks like someones mother ... )

so.. i do what i do.. and mothly like it.. the pay is half of what i made at my last job as manager of the vet clinic..

and i get beat up regularly..

mostly... i enjoy the kids and appreciate tmost of the people i work with.. but, i hurt from head to toe most days.. :P

I know that your job requires a lot of stamina and hard work too...

it is good to love what you do!


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