Saturday, May 27, 2006

this memorial day....

....i'm going to spend some time in prayer and meditation, and dedicate it to the lives lost in this "mission" we've not accomplished.

i've been invited to a party monday but you know me and parties. not my favorite thing. i will be my usual hermit-y self and either stay home or go off somewhere with the dogs. maybe mt. lemmon--someplace cool would be nice!

of course i am working in the morning. holidays are usually good days for massage therapists to work, but i have the afternoon off.

i watched "WMD--Weapons of Mass Deception" last night and it was pretty sad. it showed footage of some of the iraqi children who had been hit by cluster bombs. not pretty. and it's stuff we in the u.s. have not seen, along with photographs of our own dead soldiers. i don't mean gory shots, but some kind of representation of the 2000 (don't really know how many!) or so soldiers we have lost. it gave me pause, to think of the deeper meaning of that essay i posted below.

i see i completely missed my blogiversary on 9 may, so happy belated!

well i don't mean to be a downer person, so i'm wishing everyone a happy long weekend, and i hope you have fun no matter what you are doing.


At 5/27/06, 9:39 PM, Blogger annie said...

hi taza
good post, and good idea, to think of the thousands lost, to this insane "war"

oh, the bame of the song is "buckets of rain"-from blood on the tracks. good taste in music you have, as always

take care

At 5/28/06, 4:30 AM, Blogger kath said...

i try to stay away from the sorts of films and news that will upset me.. i know that is a cowards way out.. but it all gets to be so heavy and bleak sometimes.. i just can't bear it.. i write letters and send prayers and energy
( my own sorts of prayers) and so on.. but i try not to watch..

memorial day falls on my birthday this year.. what i want is to be at home and do nothing.. my sister is insisting that we come to her house and have a picnic..
i don't want to.. but i will to keep the peace..

and speaking of celebrations.. happy blogaversary to you!

i am glad to have met someone here with such a bright and open spirit..
thanks for being ...


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