Friday, May 19, 2006

bed time story

a few weeks ago some friends of mine told me they were having a giant yard sale as they are relocating to boulder, co. they were selling their futon bed which has a big long drawer in the base. i thought, just the thing for my birkenstock fetish!

i was not exactly in the market for a new bed, but the one i've been using for the past 3-4 years is the same one my son slept in from ages 13-17 during his "growth spurt" that included shooting up to 6'3" tall. he weighed in at almost 300 pounds at one point, although during his senior year he lost 100 pounds.

at any rate, what i'm trying to convey here is that the bed has a pretty distinct slump in the middle, which is fine while sleeping alone, but makes it challenging when a partner is added.

i didn't know this until last september, when chris came to visit for the first time, and the point was made ever more clear during his 3-month stay that ended in late march!

it seemed as though buying the futon bed would be a good move, both for me as a healthy-shoe whore, and for me as half of a couple. i have slept on futons in the past and like their simplicity and firmness.

i bought the bed and moved it over here about 2 weeks ago. the mattress part of it has been stored inside the travel trailer, while the wood slat frame and "floor drawer" have been leaning up against the outside of the travel trailer. i was starting to worry about sun-warp, so yesterday became the day to move the beds.

many of my chores fall into the "reverse domino theory" category, which in short means that before i can accomplish X, i first have to do Y, which involves taking care of Z, and so forth.

i had intended to find a new home for the old bed, but it seems no one is really interested in a used, saggy, non-pillow-top, full-sized bed. i was stuck in limbo with this reality until i had the brainstorm to put the old bed on the porch.

in order to move the new bed in, i needed to move the old bed out, but before i could move the old bed out, i had to clear off the porch, which meant that all the boxes had to be opened and looked at and sorted, plus i had to make a run to one of the many great local thrift stores to donate boxes of books, and clothing that will never fit me again, etc. etc. etc!

i called my neighbor to ask her to help with the moving part, after the sorting part was mostly out of the way, but she never called back. i moved both beds in and out alone, with the help of a tarp.

invention is the necessity of motherhood, i always say.

the upshot is, the futon bed is now in the bedroom, and the old bed is now on the porch for outdoor sleeping, which i love and have missed since moving back to the urban landscape. there are still a few "miscellaneous" boxes but for the most part the others have been labelled and stored in the travel trailer.

and, i slept for about 10 hours last night, so the new bed must be comfortable!

the acid test will come in about 3 weeks when chris is arriving for our 4th date.


At 5/19/06, 1:12 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

As long as there's no electric koolaid, I'm sure the bed will be GREAT!!!

At 5/20/06, 8:02 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

I Have seen your porch and I know just how much work you have done, A lot. Just moving those two beds alone was a lot.

Hmm the outside bed sounds wonderful.

Looking forward to our 4th date :)

At 5/21/06, 4:08 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

takes me back. my grandparents had cots on a screened front porch. thinking of lazy summer days. days past. it is crazy busy here at the rdgz b&b. xox


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