Tuesday, May 16, 2006

attack of nostalgia

yesterday i was actually going through some of those boxes on the porch (yay!!!!) and came across some decades-old, hand-painted cards from a former friend/lover. so i looked him up on the internet--an amazing tool for moments such as these--and gave him a call. he was understandably shocked, but also delighted to hear from me as he had been thinking about contacting people from the past as well.

this morning i got an email from my very first lover, way back in wilmington delaware in 1973. we had begun a correspondence a year or so ago, which petered out after the "remember when....?" and "this is what i'm doing now" emails were over. but still, it's good to be reminded that i had an identity that seems to have continued over the years.

so i guess it's old home week or something.

last week i got an email from ms. magz letting me know she sold the mares. pieces dropping away, coming back; bits of the past floating in the soup of my mind.

things, people, places come and go, come and go. what remains?


At 5/17/06, 6:01 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

Aahhh Taza it's nice to be reminded we are not invisible and the past lives on. xoox


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