Saturday, April 15, 2006

angus' adventures

the other day after our river walk, i noticed angus licking his paw a lot. that's usually indicative of a cut or something, so i got down and gave it a good look. he had split one of his nails and it had torn all the way back to the base, exposing the quick (OUCH). it was quite tender and he didn't want me messing with it. (i still have scars on my leg from the last time i cut his nails, so i didn't want to mess with it either, believe me!)

a call to the vet to see if i could super-glue it back together ended with my making an appointment to take him in yesterday. the vet took one look at it and asked me, "can you leave him for a few hours? we'll need to give him some local anesthesia and trim it all the way back." well, of course i could leave him for a few hours, and i was glad i had been able to get him in before the weekend.

i return to pick him up later and he's so groggy he can hardly stand up. i'm thinking they had to knock him out all the way to do anything with that toe! poor guy, he has a big bandage all around the foot up to his knee! i can hear him walking because the bandaged leg makes a "thud" sound on the ground. he was out of it all last night--very uncharacteristic for this little superball of a puppy--who, by the way, now weighs in at 44 pounds! no wonder it knocks the wind out of me when he pounces on me in the mornings!

this morning he is almost back to normal, and i've explained many times that he musn't chew the bandage off. it's freakin' SATURDAY and all you pet owners know that one definitely doesn't want to visit the vet during emergency hours. i have to go to work soon....fingers crossed that he leaves it alone!

the funny thing is, i took my quarter jar to the bank yesterday and was amazed at how much was in there. i figured i could send some to chris to help finance his next plane ticket (much easier for him to come here than vice-versa)....that, plus the vet bill yesterday, has wiped out the total amount that was in the quarter i am thankful that i've been saving quarters for the last few years!

today the jar has 2 new quarters in it. starting over yet again....every single day.


in honor of all the brou-ha-ha about immigration recently, i rented A Day Without A Mexican last night. it's funny and very thought-provoking.

make it a wonderful day!


At 4/15/06, 9:56 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

i'm so sorry about poor little angus =(...hope he gets better real real soonly...

one time i took my change jar to the change machine and was pleasantly shocked =)...those little suckers sure do add up...

and i will be sure to check out "a day without a mexican"...

peace, taz...

At 4/16/06, 5:07 AM, Blogger Cootera said...

Aw, poor little guy. Hope he didn't chew off the bandage yesterday and that his little piggy heals quickly!

As a bartender, I put all my quarters in a Laphroig tube. It can get up to $200 when close to full... but it's hard to carry. I'm saving up for a fence for da poog!

(And thanks for check in... I'll write something about the whole fiasco soon).

At 4/16/06, 5:20 AM, Blogger kath said...

Glad to hear that Angus is doing well....

these furfaces can be such a worry at times!

I am glad to see that you are doing well too..

What would we do without our "Quarter jars"? I have a gallon milk jug and stuff in all my silver change..
it is 3/4 full.. and I am curious, but, not as brave as you..

starting over scares me, apparently even in that small way....

wishing you happy in every day..

At 4/17/06, 2:54 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

Ooohhhh poor Angus. Glad he got good medical attention. Sending healing love his way.

Dave has a jar for silver change. I am the contributor as he pays for things with exact change gives $5.27 for a $5.02 kinda thing. I pay with the next higher dollar amount. Bored yet, lol.


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