Tuesday, April 04, 2006

it's been a week now,

and something big has shifted within.

i'm simply ok with everything.

what a f*cking luxury, to piss and moan about my lover's being gone--while so many many people on this planet are grappling with mere survival for themselves and their families.

meanwhile, in this very country, lots of peoples' lovers have been sent to iraq....so how much sweeter could my life be than what it already is?

(this is not to say that i don't still piss and moan about my lover's being gone. but i do have a sense of perspective--and a sense of humor--about it all, on the good days.)

i've been meditating more and whining less. think there's a correlation?

i've also been taking a liquid zeolite formula that seems to have been clearing out a bunch of stale garbage from my physical body. i don't know a lot about it, but bought it even though it is sold through an MLM. (i abhor them on principle--but some of them do sell awesome products!) it's also pretty expensive, but people i respect have been giving the product good reviews. gabriel cousens is a naturopathic md and raw foods advocate who runs a healing center a couple hours from tucson called Tree of Life, and he's written a nice endorsement about it. and the folks who recommended it to me personally are in their 60's/70's, but look and act about 15 years younger.

i've been juicing carrots/beets/gingerroot/apples/spinach/cilantro/celery in various combinations as well. seems as though a spring cleaning (in the form of a short fast or monodiet) is soon to come--and it's been Y-E-A-R-S since i did anything like that!

my work is also getting better and better. i think i'm finally getting out of my own way. ha!

thanks to all of you for all of the supportive and kind words. i am amazingly blessed to have found this circle, and envision visiting as many of you as i can in the next few months. planning a road trip to st. paul would allow me to include new mexico, iowa, and minneapolis in the itinerary!


At 4/4/06, 11:42 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

I agree Taza, you sure have a great circle of friends.

At 4/4/06, 12:57 PM, Blogger Loner said...

Road trips are my favorite thing!

At 4/4/06, 1:28 PM, Blogger sjobs said...

I love road trips. Keep me posted, I would love to meet you when you arrive in the Twin Cities.

It sounds like you are doing great. When I think of those poor people going to Iraq, leaving their children, partners and other family members behind and not knowing if they are coming home, my problems seem so little.


At 4/5/06, 7:52 AM, Blogger nancy =) said...

and i am happy that i found you =)

glad to read that you're doing swell...keep up the good work!!


At 4/5/06, 8:49 AM, Blogger Cootera said...

Woo hoo!! Road trip!!

At 4/5/06, 2:36 PM, Anonymous veronica said...

I'll meet you at the gate. :)


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