Saturday, March 25, 2006

aw, shucks!!!

i must have pms....sorry about the whiney post is much better. for some reason just allowing those sad feelings to surface made it possible for them to clear out. thanks for your supportive comments! this blog 'family' sometimes feels like group therapy! (of course, i mean that in the best possible way!)

the truth is, i'm not sure how i'm going to deal with chris' absence. i know it will be hard in the first days. the dogs are probably going to be very confused. i'm going to feel overwhelmed and mopey for a week or so, then the 'self-righting mechanism' we all have inside us will activate, and i'll be fine.

we had a nice time walking around the street fair--as usual, i bought nothing but FOOD! something about those whole roasted ears of corn is just irresistible! i don't need any more clothes or jewelry--don't have wall space for any new artwork--plus i am saving for my next trip to minnesota, sometime this summer.

the sweat benefit was well attended and the band we heard was fabulous. i planned on staying an hour and instead we were there for 2 1/2. there was a huge organic salad and assorted mexican-food-theme dishes as well. eating, sweating, dancing, and socializing--a nice time indeed.

today i'm off to work, and tomorrow chris and i will both pack his car so that his departure monday morning can be sweet and not harried. i'll also post some pics from our trip to Madera Canyon, with the snow and squirrels and stuff.

make it a beautiful day!


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