Tuesday, April 18, 2006

5 days without our river walks!

& my butt is threatening to take over the entire living room! you never know what something is doing for you until you stop doing it--and i'm ready to start walking again! angus will see the vet again later today, and i hope she gives us the go-ahead to begin exercising again. it's been a long week, worrying about him while i'm gone--mostly that he'll chew the bandage off. so far he's been pretty good about it!

to my favor, i've taken a few yoga classes recently, and yesterday i even went swimming and did just less than a half mile. my shoulders have a tendency to dislocate when i start exercising, until the muscle has built up around the joint sufficiently to support the bony anatomy.

i had a super busy weekend (for me, a self-described "urban hermit"). my teachers Geshe Michael Roach and Christy McNally were in town for the 4th in their series on Spiritual Partnership, on friday and saturday nights. it's always a very emotional event when i see them.

Krishna Das was here for a workshop during the weekend as well, and all 3 of them appeared in a concert together on sunday night. i went to that but didn't stay very long....it was very crowded and i was uncomfortable on the floor. but it was so wonderful to see the 3 of them onstage and hear Krishna Das' amazing voice up close and personal! his tabla player is awesome as well.

and last night, Robert Thurman was at the U of A, giving a lecture on the "Politics of Enlightenment," and was hugely entertaining in addition to being an amazing font of knowledge. before the lecture there was a book signing, so i took my copy of Infinite Life and had him autograph it for me. he is very accessible, affable, and at least one other adjective beginning with the letter "a"!

later this month the 2nd class in the Dharma Essentials courses begins with Lama Marut. chris and i took the first when he was here; they meet once a week for 4 weeks. Lama Marut was ordained by Geshe Michael and used to teach Comparative Religions at UC (not sure which campus). he's a very invigorating teacher and i look forward to hearing him again.

so, buddhism emphasis weekend for me. time to get my ass back on the cushion!


At 4/19/06, 2:54 AM, Blogger kath said...


sounds like an amazing weekend!

I have little in the way of spiritual shoring up around here lately..
the open mind has a few things each week... but in my experieince, their programs have been underwhelming..

The Nuin center.. I can never find it!

oh well..

I have to make do..
Sadly.. I have allowed my meditating to go by the wayside, along with my diet..

I am trying to get back on track..
not easy.. but i know i can..

i hope!

meantime.. hope Angus is doing great! and that you are too... !

you inspire me, taz...

At 4/19/06, 10:54 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

I miss our walks at the river! It was habit forming and I have continued them here. However it is just not the same :(

Yoga and exercise :) Me too.

At 4/20/06, 9:43 AM, Blogger taza said...

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