Monday, December 26, 2005

He's on his way.....

Omigod, the man is already in Iowa, heading for Lincoln, Nebraska for the night.

Strangely enough, my son's girlfriend (Michelle) is there right now, visiting family for Christmas, and she's asked Chris to come meet her family and stay the night! When Chris was here in September, the 4 of us had dinner together, so they have met once at least!

What is even stranger is that my son (Brendan) is flying to Lincoln on the 28th, so will just miss seeing Chris there.

Michelle and Brendan are doing the "meet the parents" thing all at once--he is flying to Lincoln, where he will meet her mother and stepfather and siblings; and then the 2 of them are headed to Atlanta to meet Brendan's father, stepmother, and very extended family members there!

It's so funny that her family is going to meet her boyfriend's mother's boyfriend before they ever meet her boyfriend....

Brendan initiated a lunch date with Michelle's dad last week; he lives in Tucson like i do. So i don't know if this is any indication of the seriousness of their relationship, but i sure do like her a lot. Kind of hoping it works out for them, but by now i know enough to keep most of my opinion to myself!

Send travelling angels to keep watch over Chris while he's on his way across the country, if you would. 'Preciate it!


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