Wednesday, February 22, 2012

feeling different

today is my son's 28th birthday. stroke of luck, i had the day off. spent it at home with the never-ending laundry pile, and made some feeble attempts to put some of the dirt in the house back outside. :) J. was working, so it was nice to be Home Alone and putter around. i like to start a project in every room of the house (plus outside for laundry) and then cycle around all of them for a few minutes at a time. for a little while, it's totally chaotic, but gradually all of them come around to completion.

i always feel the psychic pull of the amazing events that transpired 28 years ago on this anniversary. having only one child will do that, i reckon.

so, i am feeling lighter and less congested overall and i've just made some small changes so far. thinking about what i am putting in my mouth. i'm an unconscious eater that has little rapport with the feeling of actual hunger; if the food is there and looks good, i'll eat it, "hungry" or not. this has backfired *tremdously* (significant word choice....) in the past few months with J. baking such wonderful things. he loves to make french toast, pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, pizza....and my ability to say NO has evaporated, so i must make elaborate plans to help myself resist. he eats a lot of dough and dairy. seems to work for him but not for me.

enough about diet....oh but the final word is that J. has made a lemon poppyseed cake from scratch for the Birthday Boy. cream cheese frosting to moan over. and of course i am going to have some!

p.s. J's daughter and granddaughter are....moving in to the motor home! wheeee! more on that later.


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