Thursday, February 16, 2012

oooh it's getting down to the wire....

....this 3rd week i am going to be scaling down the grain intake. i also need to give the smoking habit a rest! i misplaced my tobacco last night and was humbled to note the unease that it caused me. i may *only* smoke 2 or 3 small cigarettes a day, but i sure didn't like not having access! a sure sign that it's time to give it up.

so--no meat, no dairy, cutting out the grains....i still have my coffee though, and sweets are in abundance s/p Valentine's Day (yum, dark chocolate caramels topped with a few coarse grains of sea salt!) and i am not exactly ready to cut them out.

next week i will be eating primarily veggies, fruit and legumes. and the week after that i will start my 7-day cleanse (it's a liquid herbal cleanse put out by Arbonne). looking forward to the lightness i will feel!


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