Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of February already?

Folks, it just hasn't quit lately! However, i got a lovely Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment this morning and was able to change my tears into laughter while on the table. That's the sign of a good session!

I must leave my office space that i have loved so well for the past 4 1/2 years. And for 2 weeks i have gotten more and more anxious about finding a place to continue to do the work i was born to do. A couple of friends suggested i think about going to work for Canyon Ranch, which idea i simply can't wrap my brain around. I love what i do and how i do it. I am not in the mood to change my style (i know already they would call my touch "too sensuous") or my timing--it's important to be able to go a few minutes over schedule if need be.

So, several of us from the old office seem to have found a new home in a small office complex not too far from the old one. It's a step down in the "gorgeous" category, but will be quite comfortable and functional once we get some new paint and fixtures up. Plus, the landlord is making a super sweet rental deal if we sign a year's lease, so maybe i can get some $ put towards the credit debt. That is my intention at least.

I spent some time today looking up old blogger buddies and found that many of them have retired their blogs. I got kidnapped by Facebook and must admit that it still shines brightly, but more with locals than with the wider audience i used to connect with here on these "pages".

I did re-find Ms. Magz, now in NM--Annie's Cozy Shack seems to be headed for an island life--Lightfeather is now an author! Sweet! Also checked in with Ms. Loner, who is not quite so solitary these days. :)

I used to write a lot about the animals, so here is the update....Sun Bear is getting ready to walk the Rainbow Bridge as she approaches her 16th birthday (April 11). She is pretty much deaf and blind, and nowadays pretty confused about who i might be....Angus is still the ham and clown and loyal ball fetcher....Sam is curled in my lap right now, big and luxuriously soft and warm....Pearl, the newest addition (3 years old, yellow lab/bull) is sweet and goofy and still puppyish at times.

NO romance to speak of. And i mind less and less.

Me, i'm still dodging the big chunks and grateful for all the blessings i enjoy daily.


At 2/27/11, 11:25 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Howdy! I'm still around, sporadically. Yep, moving to the Big Island! Thanks for saying hello and for the update. Bless!


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