Saturday, November 27, 2010

End of November already?!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Another friend, J., flew away home about 2 weeks ago. He had a lot of liver issues, so it wasn't as traumatically shocking as the sudden heart attack death of P. in May. But still even though we all knew J. was dying, no one knew for sure when it would happen.

I had company for 2 weeks in the form of the nice motorcyclist from Montana. It was a busy time. Still recovering emotionally from it all.

In the meantime, i am truly thankful for the myriad blessings of my life--family, friends, satisfying work, dear animal companions; excellent health; food, clothing and shelter. The basics are all in place, and "the basics" is what so many people on this planet lack. So, in giving thanks for my abundance, i share the intention that such prosperity is becoming available for all beings in need.

I ask for each person reading this to send a prayer of Light that surrounds our Mother Earth and touches every single life with a graceful gesture of beneficence. Thank you.


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