Saturday, July 17, 2010

onward, onward

so, be, it!

the quicker i get to thankfulness and gratitude, the quicker i get the goodies from the experience. we all know about the benefit of hindsight to show us that events in our past, that looked like disasters, often kindled new growth and benefits that were masked by the sorrow or anguish or anger of the moment, right?

so why not get to the good stuff sooner by being grateful for all experiences, no matter how they appear at first?

i am thankful that i got to be in a short relationship that taught me i've learned some lessons about relating intimately with another, and still have some lessons to learn. i showed up with an open heart and did my best. my friend did the same and hopefully learned some lessons of his own.

quitting now means we might be able to remain friends, after the cooling down period anyway.

sigh. sigh. sigh.


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