Monday, April 12, 2010

why is it

that as soon as i decide i'm moving on, one or the other of my most recent dead ends reconnects?

just got a very kind and long email from the Mexican Romance who is back home after being on the road for ~3 months. he asked me to call him, and i had to email him back that i'd deleted his phone number (and eddress, and FaceBook info) from my life so that i could restrain myself from contacting him. so, he called me and we are trying to figure out the middle ground between 'never speaking again' and 'getting married'. i assured him that i understand and respect his boundaries, and he apologized for leaving me in the dust without a word (sic).

not sure what will happen here, but at least i don't feel completely nuts anymore. we DID have a good connection, beyond the obvious thrills. and i AM an amazingly understanding woman with a lot to offer.


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