Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 days and counting!

i'm getting excited! changed $40 into 480 pesos this afternoon--funny money! tomorrow is a day off in which i do banking, buy last minute supplies, and attempt to pack for an unknown but tropical adventure.

weirdness w/the guy; am so happy i opted for Plan B which is to take the bus w/friends. no matter how honestly i try to express myself--being as clear and lucid as i can be, which is 'quite'--what is heard bears little resemblance to what i've tried to say. it is completely exhausting!--and i find myself wishing he'd just go back to Mexico and become a beach bum, which seems to be his main goal.

he is back in Tucson unexpectedly--didn't tell me he was coming--called at 8:30 last night to see if he could come over! clueless, and not about to shift.

Archimedes said, Give me a place to stand and i could move the world, but this guy refutes that statement. ha!

i feel fit and ready. for whatever.



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