Saturday, January 23, 2010

one week and counting!

OK, so the guy (sort-of-in-my-life guy) ain't going, but we are still talking. he's staying put in Tastiota (Sonora, Mexico) until he knows what is happening with the property there. it's too long of a story to go into now.

so: i'm getting on a bus, in a week, with 4 friends, to ride 22 hours south into the Mexican state of Nayarit. i'm going to be pretty broke as it will take every last cent i can earn in the next week to pay rent ahead and pay some bills that come due while i'm going to be gone. i am totally positive that all of it will work out wonderfully and that it will be a great adventure!

my friend J. is camping on my couch again; he and his gf broke up and he is jobless, carless, homeless--but not friendless. the blessing here is that he balances the seesaw of my ongoing frustration/compassion with the driveway roommate--and gives me the vent i need to discuss that situation w/o going nuts. she needs a lot of care; she is frail, and prone to feel abandonment/rejection when none is intended. plus she is just not connected to reality in a very meaningful or grounded way. i feel relieved that J. will be here while i am gone, as he will care for animals and property with more conscientiousness than K. is capable of. (i am not being disparaging, just speaking truth--which she usually interprets as judgment and rejection, provoking a host of defensive and hostile responses.) what a great teacher she is; how much i still have to learn. i give thanks for J.'s presence to assist me while i assist him.


At 1/23/10, 6:27 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

hiya taz =) i somehow stumbled back in here tonight and man am i glad i did!! mexico!! that's awesome!! hope you have a wonderful time, and update here if you can cuz someday i want to find myself in mexico again!!

well it seems your new year is off to an awesome start =)

blessings ~
nancy =)

At 1/24/10, 9:33 AM, Blogger lightfeather said...

Life really is about all of the checks, balances, lessons and grace that have a way of finding themselves in there, isn't it? I'm glad you are going on your trip! Sounds groovy!


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