Monday, February 22, 2010

raining here too

amazingly enough....rain has persisted through several days since my return to Tucson. chilly some days, sunny on others....but rain rain rain, beautiful mud, wet doggies in the house. we should have an amazing crop of wildflowers this spring!

the Mexican romance is Tucson-bound and i'm getting excited--hope he will be here in time to enjoy the coming full moon. also hope the magical connection we both felt is intact. we have emailed a little, but his access to Internet service is spotty at best. so far, so good. fingers crossed!

today i took my courage in both hands and told driveway-mate that i wanted my house and space back to myself. i also told couch-mate the same thing. they both have until May to find new digs.

it has been wonderful to help both of these folks but i have reached the end of my ability to do so. remember, i have a super tiny house, and having these other people here (not to mention their attendant *stuff*) has been crowding my solitude. guess i need more than the average person--and Taza, that's fine.

today is also my son's 26th birthday. leaving in a moment to go to his house for dinner. sweet!


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