Monday, February 08, 2010

home again

well, the rains came and the rains stayed for 3 days. drenching downpours during the evening and night time, intermittent showers during the day. so that was a bit of a hassle, camping in the wet and all, but then again it was tropical rain so it was not really cold, just darn damp everywhere.

Sunday was the San Blas trip. Monday was the waterfall trip that i opted out of. Tuesday the rains came and stayed until Thursday, but we persevered in our excursions regardless. they were a little less enjoyable because of the weather, but we had fun anyway. we went to a coffee processing plant nearby and the way the coffee is treated is astonishingly different than the way Capulin is produced.

on Wednesday we went on a river tour of some of the nearby mangrove swamps. half an hour out the heavens opened and we were all completely drenched. that night i stayed in the hotel Casa Manana which was about 8 miles from Daniel's village and where some of the group had rooms, so there were extra beds available for those of us who wanted a hot shower and a place to crash. the group was a very fun bunch of folks, so we had fun drinking beer and eating more awesome seafood and walking on the rocky beach.

i met a very nice man at San Blas and we had us a little Mexican romance! wow, what an unexpected surprise, and how very fun it was. he was on a motorcycle trip and intersected with our group, got interested and ended up joining us. we had a nice spark from the start, and he is changing his itinerary so that he can come up through Tucson to see me again when he's done touring. it's quite amazing really, and i'm just rolling with it.

the bus ride back was 25 hours long, so last night i was toasted. back to work today. the rest of the week is busy with as much work as i can do, as i took this trip on financial fumes and made it back home with $18 left. so, the bills need to get paid, and i'm back to the grindstone, but gosh i have wonderful memories of Mexico and wonderful anticipation of Mark's visit in the next couple of weeks. i'd say i'm one lucky woman!


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