Thursday, January 14, 2010

prayers to Haiti

you can go here to contribute to the Haitian relief effort.


i had strange dreams last night; so did the friend occupying the couch, haven't checked with the housemate yet. energy is movin' quick. change is in the air. death, destruction, transformation, rebirth. the endless cycle of samsara turns, turns, turns.

i miss J. terrifically. this 'relationship' is not progressing along recognizable routes, so i'm stymied as to its significance. but as Ben Franklin said, you can't expect different results from the same old methods. (i'm paraphrasing.)

i release my will, that Thy Will Be Done.


At 1/14/10, 1:30 PM, Blogger TaraDharma said...

hey, long time no see. thanks for posting the link. i survived a 7.1 earthquake (loma prieta) and it wasn't pretty, even with all of our building codes. I've sent money by way of Oxfam, as I have a long history with them. my heart is hurting for the people of Haiti.

At 1/14/10, 4:56 PM, Blogger lightfeather said...

The universe IS shifting and the veil is thinning... I am thinking it all has to do with 2012... not a devastation kind of 2012 but a new awareness... time speeding up, people coming into new ways of thinking, light, life, and goodness will prevail. I know it! So glad to see you writing again and sooooooooooooo glad you are trying new things, LIKE VACATIONS!!!! Yay!!!


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