Wednesday, December 03, 2008

completely unbelievable

Mom mistakes childbirth for diarrhea, flushes newborn

The Associated Press
Published: 11.25.2008

LONDON - A woman has told a British court she accidentally flushed her newborn down the toilet because she didn't realize she was giving birth.

Claire Jones says she knew she was pregnant from an affair with a colleague but thought the pain she suffered in the early hours of Dec. 28 was from diarrhea.

Jones told a coroner's court in Cardiff, Wales, on Monday that she only realized what had happened when she saw a foot in the toilet bowl.

She said she tried unsuccessfully to revive the baby and then put the body in the trunk of her car.

The corpse was found in Jones' vehicle after she was arrested. She was given a suspended sentence for concealing the baby's birth.

The coroner's court is investigating the circumstances of the baby's death.


who to pray for in this instance--
the soul of the flushed baby?
the rest of the life of this impossibly unconscious woman?
the ripples of misery i myself have caused by posting this insane story?
or '(d) all of the above?'



At 12/9/08, 1:32 PM, Blogger jen said...

oh my god! how does a woman not know she is in labor?

At 12/11/08, 9:37 AM, Blogger alan said...

All of the above if you believe in prayer...

The baby that had no choice in any of it...

The mother who did something horrible whether on purpose or not...

You, for the pain and misery this brought you...

and the rest of us because we live in a world where this is possible!


At 12/18/08, 9:53 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

good lord, how depressing :(


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