Sunday, June 08, 2008

sunday, precious sunday

i'm happy to sit down at the keyboard today--not for any particular reason, but because i seem to be infused with a near-constant inner happiness these days. my work is going well, i am paying bills, i am happy alone with my pets, and in every area of my life there is contentment and a certain feeling of grace.

i'm thankful regularly for the blessings and challenges my life provides me. i'm especially thankful that i get to help others feel better. (i truly love my work.) i am especially especially thankful that i am HERE, NOW. and i try to extend that to all the various HEREs and all the various NOWs--many thanks to Baba Ram Dass and Eckhart Tolle!

i put up a profile on an on-line community (same one that sends out Notes from the Universe--go HERE to check it out) and have had 2 'meets'. both were pleasant and neither was especially significant. it would be fun to have an intense, passionate, erotic fling--and on the other hand, it's also entirely fine if that doesn't happen.

i have to say, making a little more money is also like some kind of anti-anxiety balm. i'm paying off personal debt, and sometimes over the past year and a half of having my own business it has been crushingly difficult to keep everything up to date. i don't like to speak of it. the past few weeks have seen my highest numbers of humans worked on, and that is having a great effect on my finances!

and the work gets better over time. it is simply opening up in all kinds of directions and ways. and all of this seems to stem from the inner calm and happiness that i am carrying around inside me.

or maybe it's carrying me?

many loves and much hugs


At 6/10/08, 4:50 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

Wow... I wish I felt as centered, grateful, happy, etc. Not that I feel ugh or anything, but I'm still struggling with the loneliness at times. Having Blake here for four days really drove that home. He left today, and while part of me is happy to slide back into my own groove, another part feels let down. I need a hobby... other than yard work. Ah well, at least the sun came out today, my three Japanese tree lilacs are in full bloom, and the world smells incredibly vibrant to me. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow morning, sitting in the yard, drinking coffee and breathing.


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