Sunday, April 27, 2008

my wonderful son

truth: i do not know how i got so lucky.

B. came over yesterday morning, moved a pallet of miscellaneous boxes, hula-hoed the hell out of my fiercesome weed patch, trimmed the rowdy mesquite tree (with a board saw, no less), and helped me pitch everything into 2 giant rolling trash containers.

all i had to do was erect the screen house and drag the stock tank inside.

i still have to go through those miscellaneous boxes, and scrub the stock tank really well, but in a day or so my outdoor oasis will be complete! tucson is headed for the 90's next week, and i want to be ready. we've been there already a couple of times. luckily the nights are still cool enough to enjoy.

later on i got a phone call: Mom, my neck is killing me, i want a massage! so after i was home from work, he came back (no car these days, just a bike). i set up the table in the back yard and got out my St. John's Wort/Arnica salve (from Kuumba Made, now called Sprain and Strain Recovery) and worked his upper back, neck, and shoulders.

what a delight to use my craft on my son. he does not often ask for my help.

he brought a dvd about the architectural/political nightmare that the Freedom Tower (9/11 memorial) turned out to be, so we watched that and drank a beer together.

this sounds quite mundane in the retelling....but my social life is so non-existent that an evening in the company of my son is worth savoring and recording! plus, all i have to do is recall the relationship i had with my parents when i was 24 to realize how wonderful it is that we not only talk, but enjoy our time together, when it happens.

wishes for a wonderful day to all.


At 4/27/08, 9:05 PM, Blogger annie said...

he sounds like a sweetie-pie. you deserve it, mama!

At 5/3/08, 4:05 PM, Blogger kath said...

Mundane? not at all... rather satisfying and blissful I think...

At 5/9/08, 8:55 AM, Blogger alan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me as well!

I heard a piece on "Studio 360" (a PRI radio show) last year on the nightmare that the Lincoln memorial would have been had it been built the first time they tried; a wedding cake affair with each Union Army general statued on tier by their rank ascending up to Lincoln on the top...

Sometimes perspective is a good thing, be it in time or distance!



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