Thursday, February 08, 2007


hello and happy new year (HA!) to all and sundry!

life got away from me and as i am now working about 6 days a week, getting a handle on it ain't easy!

i am really doing really well.

sun bear has not only got valley fever but blood tests showed she also had tick fever this last year (yech). she is peeing like a sieve every night but thankfully the weather has warmed up enough that i keep her outside at night. her spirits are still good and she loves to eat and go for walks....for now, that's enough.

angus and sam are fine furry fellows.

my sweetie has been here, gone home, and come back! he arrived on my (ahem) 50th birthday in the middle of December, stayed through New Year's, and then returned about 10 days ago.

we are really doing really well too!

i have felt a little inhibited in my writing as i know that his "ex" checks my blog. it's a weird feeling and while it is my aim to be ever-compassionate to all, i have to admit tripping a little bit over this.

still, i wish her a healthy and peaceful heart and mind, and know that all is unfolding as it should.

time is FLYING and the office is doing OK; no, better than that. it is a GORGEOUS space and i feel so happy working there. my practice is building gradually, as i intended, so that i won't freak out and over book or over work myself.

having a sweet house helper is awfully nice too!

blessings and good vibes to all!



At 2/10/07, 6:56 AM, Blogger kath said...


I am so happy to see you!

There have been a few folks here on blogger that I have come to care about and they have vanished without a word...
I am so glad that it is just the good things in life that have kept you away.

I am glad to find you well , happy and fulfilled and hope you find time to post again before too long...


At 2/13/07, 12:59 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Did you know 50 is the new 30? Tis true! Which makes me around 22 :o)

Happy Days!


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