Saturday, March 18, 2006

sorry about that

yeah, that last post was a little paranoid. oh well, **it happens!

chris went down to diamond mountain university in bowie, az to do volunteer construction for a couple of days. i needed a breather--needed to miss him so that our last week together would be honestly sweet.

i am a crabby bitch when i don't get my space. i think i've mentioned that it's a very small house i live in--less than 500 sf, with 2 bedrooms! so we've done extremely well in sharing up to now--and at the same time, it's been almost 2 1/2 months since i was home alone. (well, there was that trip he took to kentucky, but really he was only gone a little over 24 hours total.)

i had a nice mellow time last night, went to work this morning, and am planning a kick-ass dinner to welcome him home. little separations are good for the reunion part!

meanwhile, he's leaving FOR REALS on the 27th. it will be a miserable day. i wish minnesota was just a little closer to arizona.

it's cloudy and windy today, and we may actually get some more rain by the end of the weekend. that would be sweet.

ciao for now and i hope your weekend is going well!


At 3/18/06, 7:37 PM, Blogger Becca said...

ahhhh...sometimes it is nice to have your space to yourself - especially when you can spread out, do something that you enjoy, and look forward to the reunion (like you said-best part :). Thanks for your's good to hear that other people have 'off' days...damn that mercury! Enjoy that reunion!

At 3/19/06, 10:50 AM, Blogger sjobs said...

It is wonderful to have time alone. I hope you are enjoying your time.


At 3/19/06, 1:53 PM, Blogger kath said...


as for lavender sugar..

i just make a jar of it at a time..
how much? well.. a lot..

I am so sorry.. i never measure .. just do things by "feel" you know? I know that you can too..

also.. lavender and mint leaves.. crushed together..
( about a tbls. fresh half of each if dried make a lovely teal.. or lemon balm mint... ) ( i use a tea bob )

stay tuned for lilac sauce :)


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