Sunday, March 05, 2006

photo saturday and post sunday

the flowers were just because i love flowers. i have an altar in the living room and feel it is appropriate to have fresh flowers on it at all times. astromeria and stargazer lilies are my faves--the first b/c they last so long, the 2nd b/c they smell so sweet and are so outragously gorgeous at the same time!

so the pix were snapped b/c they were so deliciously perfect at that moment.

we are enjoying a healthy sunday at last. chris is back to near normal and i am finally decompressed from the school session.

we are looking at about 3 more weeks together. the process of letting go will be excruciating....or not, depending on how i choose to look at it.

how to let go gracefully. a lesson to learn now, so that when i die i'll have some practice. ha.

we are having a buddhist friend over for dinner and dharma talk. he is just one person, so it doesn't really count as "entertaining" (at least in my book it doesn't).

from time to time chris has spoken of buddhist concepts that we learned during our month-long class, so i know he's internalized a lot of it. my buddy chuck has just moved here from new jersey to be closer to diamond mountain....a lot of people are doing that, it seems. the woman i trade massage with (and her husband) relocated from olympia, washington....another couple and their young daughter are moving here this summer from pennsylvania....and there are folks visiting from as far away as australia.

anyway this has become a ramble instead of a post about flowers, so must be time to go.

happy weekend y'all!


At 3/5/06, 12:54 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

I am smiling.

I feel it too, the time of letting go...Together

There will be sweet reunions too...

At 3/8/06, 5:29 AM, Blogger sjobs said...

Taz-The flowers are lovely. I love them also.



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