Wednesday, March 01, 2006

over and done

well--the case was dismissed, or revoked, or withdrawn, or whatever you call it when the accusing party can't prove their case (help me, Lady Justicia!). it only cost about 1500$ for chris to fly there, rent a car, stay in a cheap motel, and retain a lawyer for 2 days. just think how much farther that money could have gone towards, say, starting a college fund for jerry-o, instead of being used to prove the innocence of the innocent. ah, but it's just this kind of thinking that is so counterproductive!

i AM indeed very thankful that everything worked out the way it did. turns out chris didn't even testify, or need to produce all the affidavits he had folks here fill out and notarize. those of you who have read chris' blog now know that jerry's mother finally took her DNA test and chris is, in fact, jerry's father; and there are court dates already set up in april and may in minnesota for the custody hearing.

thanks to everyone for all the good vibes! i continue to wish no harm to jerry's mother, and hope that someday soon she will find peace of mind.

meanwhile, i sort of enjoyed having the house to myself, even though i missed chris. it's a very, very small house i live in (<500 sf), so it gets cluttered easily. add two dogs (indoor-outdoor-indoor-outdoor-indoor-outdoor dogs) who really want there to be as much dirt inside as out, and it's just a dang mess most of the time.

i leave to pick chris up in about half an hour. sweet reunion! :)


At 3/2/06, 12:22 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Fab news! LOL, we say revoked or dropped :)
You're right try not to dwell on the cost....i know it sucks big time, infact those costs are very cheap, it would have been double here if he wasn't eligable for legal aid.
Excellent news all round......drinks are on me!

At 3/2/06, 10:40 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

Taza what grand news. And I too savor my time alone here with the animals. Has nothing to do with the love shared.

At 3/2/06, 2:25 PM, Blogger tuctex said...

Sweet reunion indeed! such wonderful news;lunch was grand. you guys are great.

At 3/2/06, 4:17 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

great news!! i somehoe knew it would be, tho...

enjoy that reunion =)



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