Friday, November 25, 2005

being thankful

Here's a startling new website that might give you a different attitude about where you fit in the global scale of "richness".

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I'm the 731,021,993 richest person on earth!

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Meanwhile I am extremely thankful for many many things that i often take for granted:

good health.
a job i love.
shelter, food, clothing.
a healthy son with whom i am developing an ever-healthier relationship.
no wars in my country.
no gang members next door (no wars in my immediate neighborhood).
i can see, hear, taste, talk, feel, walk, and (very occasionally) run.
i have animal companions who love me.
i have a mate--yeah, he's 1860 miles away, but he's worth the travel time!

AND i have a couple of friends who invited me to their annual Thanksgiving fete for the first time (the man half of the equation greeted me, not unkindly, with the words, "Oh, good! Another stray!" Do i need to add that they are most definitely "dog people"?)

It was a very fun gathering; they are at least as hermitic as i am, most of the time, so for them to have a sit-down dinner for 20 is really something. I came home--rolled home is more apt--and collapsed in front of my idiot box to watch the first season disc of a highly-recommended HBO series, "6 Feet Under", and loved it. So, good food, good friends, good entertainment all in one night.

Many wishes to all of you for blessing large and small, hidden and seen, obvious and subtle.


At 11/25/05, 8:14 PM, Blogger scrappy rose said...

glad you had a good thanksgiving...enjoyed your post

At 11/25/05, 10:00 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

wishes and blessings right back atcha taz...have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!


At 11/26/05, 4:33 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, and that your so rich!

At 11/27/05, 6:04 AM, Blogger kath said...

sounds like your thanksgiving was perfect!

spending the day with friends and or family is how it was meant to be!

dog people do tend to run in packs, i think?


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