Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another day

Good dreamy morning, out there. I've been riverwalking and there are few traces of the turgid muddy torrent of the other day. But there's a bit of mud left over, and the sand has that just-swept look. Walking on hardpack (I know that's a snow term, but I'm using Poetic License, Sect. 109, Par. 73) is a lot easier than slogging through soft sand, so we travelled far today.

The wilder, southern-drifting arm of the river backs up to one of Tucson's many city parks. As a matter of fact I sometimes go swimming at this park as the pool is newer and cleaner than the one closest to my home. I love that Tucson has so much outdoor space readily accessible to the average person. It made the transition from the boonies much easier.

I still crave the silence and space of unhindered Nature, and around here I can usually hear or see evidence of other humans. No surprise there, it's a city of over 850,000 people! So, for now it's just fine. I'm able to be mostly invisible here; that's easier in a large city than a small town.

I was thinking about the Matrix today. I only saw the first one, and there's a part where Agent Smith tells Neo (it is Neo, isn't it? Well--Keanu Reeves, you know) that the human population acts like a virus on it's host, this planet. I had to agree. Sadly, we don't seem to have been able to successfully curtail our resource consumption to match what is readily available. We've been greedy, and short-sighted, and downright mean about MeMyMine and the hell with YouYourYours.

Don't know how I got onto this tangent today, but I've been a little drifty lately in general. Sometimes it takes me to strange places, other times beautiful ones. And of course, 'strange beautiful' as well. (Thanks Jimi)

Big sigh, the day beckons; time to marshal my brain cells into some semblance of order!


At 8/4/05, 5:28 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Hi Taza,

Dreamy morning, walkin the hard pack. ahh. You are a "party of one" women :)


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