Thursday, April 07, 2011

April 9th, 2011

My son and his beloved are getting married in 2 days, at one of the grandest venues in Tucson. My family starts arriving today and it will be a really big show, guaranteed.

2 friends that i invited aren't coming, and there are some shifts in the friendships over this. Suffice it to say that i'm feeling a lot of stuff!

My relationship with my son is complex. I only asked 3 friends since the guest list was so limited, and now i'm down to one who will actually show up. I'm pissed, hurt, frustrated, angry and guilty. If i had known these 2 wouldn't come, i'd (obviously) have invited other friends, but am told that it's too late to make any changes in the guest list.

So, this is my only son--my only child. My family members will be here. It's all about 'family', and 2 of my friends no longer include themselves in this category. That's what burns the saddest for me.

In the meantime i am planning to have the wonder-fullest weekend possible. It's always a mixed bag, isn't it?



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