Tuesday, June 23, 2009

checking in

it's been a hairy wild ride over the past couple of weeks....not sure why, but the global energies have been very turbulent and it seems as though i can feel more of them than ever.

i'm good at what i do because of my sensitivity....but apparently i need to install a few buffers or firewalls in my "on-board bio-computer" to minimize my reactivity to world events!

also, the saga of the Water Snake continues, although it's waning in intensity. but every time i think it's over, it's not; and every time i think it's moving forward, it doesn't. interesting to observe my reactions. also interesting to observe how attached i have become to someone who doesn't give very much. hmmmmm. now *there's* a pattern worth abandoning!

giving thanks for cool mornings, this time of year.

all my love, to all y'all!


At 6/23/09, 2:06 PM, Blogger kath said...

Thanks taz

I needed hugs

I realized today that the last thing Marilyn and I said to each other was I love you~

That is good...her sisters are holding up fairly well.. surprisingly well, actually. Such strong, loving women. They are closer than most sisters..

I hope all s well with you... I don't see much of you, but think of you often.. be well~


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