Saturday, October 28, 2006

the view from here

october is fading and november stands in the wings, ready to usher in the season of holidays, snowbirds, and (brrrrr) 40-degree weather.

my life is not busy but has the potential to be; soon i will open my own massage office space! this has been a long time in the making. i'm finally starting to believe that i am good enough to be on my own.

there are many people who come to the Prov specifically to see me, because they love what i do and how i do it. there are people who used to see other therapists but once they had a treatment from me, have become regulars. there are even people who used to be private clients but who come in to see me there because it's more convenient to their schedule to do so. in any given week, about 95% of my clients are "requests" meaning that they asked for me when they called to make their appointment.

i'm not saying this to be big-headed, but to declare simply that it is time to build on my own dreams. i have worked well at the Prov and will continue to be there 2 shifts a week. i am grateful for all i've experienced in the 4 years i've been there. i have matured as a therapist and as a person, plus i have learned a ton! it's been very rewarding.

right in the midst of making vague plans about getting my own space, i got a nice raise. this was very confusing to me as i wondered if i should just give up the idea and keep working there--maybe even pick up some more shifts.

then i remembered how tired i am after doing 3 massage treatments in a row and how much i want to expand my Jin Shin Jyutsu practice.

my intention is to do a lot more Jin Shin Jyutsu in my new space, but i will also offer massage. and while i will still be tired after doing 3 massage treatments in a row at my own office, i will also be making approximately 50% more of the green stuff.

and with that, i can buy a lot of Epson salts!


At 10/29/06, 6:26 AM, Blogger kath said...

Good for you!
It is okay to be prosperous.. and especially good if you can be happy, satisfied, and content at the same time

kudos, my friend.. and may your new venture be smiled upon by the universe and all sorts of happy and magical things ensue!

At 10/29/06, 7:24 AM, Blogger lightfeather said...

I imagine your success comes from your healing hands and healing heart. You will be phenomenal!

At 10/29/06, 12:56 PM, Blogger Season~of~ Magic said...

Smiling with you!


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