Tuesday, July 11, 2006

from the zen calendar (5 march 2006)

"Few people come to this mountaintop; cranes do not huddle in the pines. One Buddhist monk, eighty years old, has never heard of the world's affairs."
~Chia Tao

what a thought, to never have heard of the world's affairs. hmmm! next lifetime, i want to live like that, i think!

meanwhile, i'm going to include some inspiration from my inbox today:

If we all could get the remarkable and profound wisdom of this Elder, the world would be at peace, pollution would be a thing of the past and we would be reveling in the beauty of our Mother instead of squabbling about her.

ALL CREATION IN SACRED ORDER, A WORLD IN PEACE AND HARMONY. Let us speak and envision this together...Years ago...Grandfather Mischa from Siberia...was so angry and adamant concerning NOT speaking of the Earth being ill...or in trouble...He felt that was similar to telling a sick person how terrible they looked...It was not useful psychologically...So...he commanded that we tell Her that She is so beautiful...We sing to her those praises and images which remind Her of fully being who She IS...That we know She loves being told how magical and resourceful She IS...That She too can well use the encouragement of strong imagery in seeing her green...Wild flowers and fields abloom...fruit laden trees...All the wild creatures present and strong...The Rivers and Seas and all waterways, radiantly well...All Creation in SACRED ORDER...Tskusken...

this came from the mailing list of Mary Elizabeth Thunder, Medicine Woman and Sun Dancer, http://www.marythunder.com/


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