Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Love and Death

isn't that the name of a Woody Allen movie?

i have been having too much experience with both and i am ready to be deep-sixed into my old rut.

a long-time friend and client graduated last week--on April Fool's day, no less--and i've been in the happy/sad realm with that. thankfully he was ready to go--impatient even, once he got into hospice--and our last day together was a good one. i will miss our breakfasts and discussions though.

all hail Pete, king of curmudgeons!

the Love part isn't really worth going into, as i continue to dismiss the man from my life--each time meaning it a little more. haha. he is transient, secretive, and a Water Snake to boot. what are you gonna do?


At 4/9/09, 12:37 PM, Blogger alan said...

My Dad's little brother was born April Fool's Day, 1930 and though they all considered him the blacksheep and talked horribly behind his back, he was the one you could count on to listen and not to judge, to be there when you needed someone and for the wisdom and words you needed when you thought there were none!

I miss him...

Thinking of you!



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