Tuesday, August 22, 2006

we're still settling in

you'd think i'd have lots of photos to post, but the truth is we are all just getting used to one another. i don't see how Bad Patty and Loner do it, with all the mouths they are feeding! i feel quite challenged just by adding one itty bitty kitty to my household...THEY'VE got goats and ducks and chickens and dogs and cats and gosh knows what else!

every day is easier, and angus thinks simba is the very bestest dog toy ever invented. in between wishing he could just get his teeth into the little guy (in a friendly, playful way, mind you), he really wishes he could BE a kitty. angus is fascinated by the anti-gravity moves that simba displays.

and simba is getting used to being licked in the face by a loving, obstreperous puppydog.

if all goes according to my Master Plan, angus and simba will keep each other happily occupied for hours at a time, while sun bear and i enjoy some good quality time together in her sunset years.

yeah, right!

all is good....


At 8/24/06, 1:31 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

sure sounds like one sweet life over there me. taz...enjoy =)

with love,
~ n


At 8/25/06, 5:46 AM, Blogger Loner said...

you know, we find money to afford what is important - I may not get them Eukanuba - but I think they get enough leftovers to compensate! Your kitty is SOOO cute!

At 8/25/06, 8:31 AM, Blogger taza said...

yah loner, i wasn't talking about the money--it's the emotional space and support that is challenging for me--although by now, i'm not having to police the dogs nearly as much, and that's a giant relief!

but yes, the money is also an issue, i need to take the kitty to the vet for his first checkup and stuff. i know it will all work out eventually!


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