Monday, August 07, 2006

end-of-vacation blues approaching

it seems like we are either very busy or very tired--but then again we've had a really active social life for the past several days! and sweetie and i both tend to be more reclusive than outgoing, but we've really enjoyed ourselves.

we had breakfast (the "North Woods Omelette"--wild rice, mushrooms, bacon, and hollandaise sauce!) this morning with one of his bridge-mates and her significant other, and then a late lunch with another blogger buddy (HEY Mary and Kiran!), and just enough time to walk back to the apartment and take a half-hour nap before it was time for sweetie to get up and go to work. we are simply STUFFED with all of this good food and company!

i have to say that it's been really fun to meet fellow bloggers on this trip!

yesterday while he was at work i did all the laundry and changed the bed and straightened up the apartment, so this time i think i'll call a friend that i know from "wayback" in tucson!

rich and i were in the same band for awhile (, but he moved back to his home town of Minneapolis a couple of years ago, and is happy to be back from the desert. he has already encouraged me to move here--which his girlfried from Boulder did this past spring.

of course i've already had the thought--and it makes perfect sense when i'm here. but i'll get back to my little desert house and my doggies and my clients and friends, and then it will make perfect sense to be THERE. we need to figure out a way to keep having the winters in tucson, and come here for the rest of the year.

i don't know why i used to disdain snowbirds; they've actually got a great thing going if they can afford to have 2 homes in 2 gorgeous places! i'd be happy with a storage locker vs. a home in Tucson, but would need to pare down a lot. a WHOLE lot....

anyway, we're saving tomorrow for US. i've loved the going and doing, but now just want a day to be with my sweetie before we are parted once again.


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