Saturday, May 06, 2006

political upheaval

i've been renting a lot of political movies from Netflix recently; i started with the Robert Greenwald "UN" trilogy ("Unprecedented: The Story Behind the 2000 Presidential Election"; "Uncovered: The War On Iraq"; and "Unconstitutional: The Patriot Act") and followed those up with "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast.

i've got a Howard Zinn movie on deck right now, and "Bush's Brain" (about Karl Rove) on my queue, but had to take a break yesterday, i was so crabby and pissed off. i took myself to the friday night sweat and purged my soiled thoughts in clouds of healing steam and hippie comaraderie (sp?).

today i was back in cheerful mode, thankfully.

i watched these movies because i earnestly believe that the 2000 election was bought and paid for; that Bush was put into power entirely through the efforts of his family, his family's money, and his powerful friends--whom he has repaid with high-level appointments and sweetheart deals from here all the way to .... Iraq.

it hurts my sensibilities to see people continue to pursue a dead-end avenue rather than explore different, cheaper forms of energy. i'm just a lowly peon, but i have the feeling that if the money and time and effort were spent in the ways they are about aquiring crude oil, we'd be further down the road of energy alternatives than we are now.

meanwhile, the head of the CIA resigned yesterday and it's just a matter of time before another neo-con fear-monger is given that position. sigh.

end of rant.

now on to more mundane subjects: my sweetheart's custody hearings have been continued for 3 MONTHS, which is sad because he keeps being patient and getting the shaft as far as due process is concerned, but (selfish me) good because perhaps this delay will allow him to make a visit in the sort-of-near future. i wish he'd make some forward movement with this case, but it's not my burden to bear, except peripherally. and i had all kinds of pie-in-the-sky ideas about visiting him for a month or so this summer, but the bucks haven't manifested for me to take that kind of time off. since he has the luxury of paid time off plus no dogs to care for, it makes more sense logistically for him to come west than for me to go east. but i'm sure i'll get there again, one of these days.

i've been reading some interesting books about past-life regression by a psychiatrist who used to be a straight-arrow kind of guy (Cloumbia, Harvard) until a patient he was regressing started talking about a lifetime she'd lived in ancient Egypt. he wasn't sure it was for real until the same woman gave him a message from his deceased father and used that man's Hebrew name, which was information she had absolutely zero access to in 'the real world.' so he got very interested in this idea and his books are quite fascinating. his name is Brian Weiss in case anyone wants to check it out.

ok i think i'm done here, have a great weekend and ciao for now!


At 5/7/06, 4:32 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

stirs me up. i am in total agreement. interesting movies, wish i hade the time. most of this filters down to me thru the kids and friends.

the logistics and dynamics are complex, huh. posture of support on the sidelines, that's the formula. i am a seasoned veteran in this arena. you may not feel the core passion until you have experienced this child 1:1. it's good you support chris and the higher good of his son. such a high calling, parenting.

your pseudo hippie comaraderie cohort here. lol

At 5/7/06, 7:29 AM, Blogger annie said...

hey taza
knowledge of all this is maddening and crazy-making, i agree!!!
but it beats the hell out of cognitive dissonance and apathy.
you've been a busy/informed woman.
take good care.
hope you liked the folk fest.

At 5/7/06, 8:52 AM, Blogger kath said...

I love Brian Weiss! have two or three of his books.. Have you read The Afterlife Experiments by Gary E. Schwartz?

As for the bought election.. and the total screwing of the american people.. i could not agree more and could not sit through those movies! I would probably have a heart attack or something... :(

sorry about the delay in the hearing date.. dreadful to have soemthing hanging over you like that..

take care and stay positive!

At 5/7/06, 5:05 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

oy, bush's brain will make you insane...i loved the howard zinn are gonna be so fired up by the time this weekend is over...

peace, my dear...



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